Earth Day 2015

Earth Day 2015There are 7 billion people on our planet.

Every year we cut down more than 11 billion trees worldwide to satisfy our need for building materials and other ‘wood-based’ products. By far the greatest consumer of trees is the paper industry, harvesting and pulping 4 billion trees per year. Canada is one of the largest consumers of paper in the world at almost 350 kg. of paper per capita!

Replacing and replanting those trees is an ongoing program far beyond the means of one company, but in their own way Buddsteel is making a difference!

Every year Buddsteel makes available to our local schools seedlings in honour of Earth Day. These seedlings are given to the children to plant at home so that in the years to come they can watch their investment in the future grow along with themselves and their families. Since the beginning of the program more than 20,000 seedlings have been planted this way.

The numbers are daunting, and replacing / replanting valuable trees will never end, but one company, one child at a time will make a difference.

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