This is a 3/4” thick rigid particle board core, covered with melamine resin impregnanted decorative sheets, thermally fused to the core. With absolutely no chance of delamination and a highly resistant surface, this material is our most commonly used and most economical. Available in stocked colours only.

• Melamine toilet partitions are suitable for “dry” washrooms.
• This is our most economical material and is readily available.
• Melamine is easy to clean and maintain offering laminate qualities at a lower price.

Floor Mounted & Overhead Braced – Model 1000

  • Most common design
  • Will work in almost any washroom
  • Available with aluminum or stainless hardware




Ceiling Hung – Model 1001

  • Easy cleaning as no parts meet the floor
  • Not as strong as the other designs
  • Structural overhead beam is required
  • Available with aluminum or stainless hardware



Floor to Ceiling
– Model 1002

  • Offers a clean line look
  • Works for ceilings up to 10’ high
  • Backing must be installed above ceiling
  • Available with aluminum or stainless hardware

Sandstone 1″

Grey 3/4″