OCA Convention January 2014

OCA 2014For more than 80 years, Ontario Camping Association (OCA) has worked hard to raise the standard of children’s camps with the primary goal: to enable children to learn new skills, make new friends and have fun in a safe, healthy and caring environment.

Now more than 600 members (approximately 400 accredited camps and 200 individual and commercial members) meet regularly to discuss issues of common concern, such as the importance of offering a well-balanced program, providing a good diet, properly maintaining tents, cabins and docks, developing an appreciation for our environment (e.g., lakes and forests) and building character.

As Adam Kronick, OCA President says “Everyone involved in the camp community gains knowledge from past experiences; but we also face many challenges in learning how to adjust to our ever changing world. We need to ensure that camps are a safe and viable choice for families to make for their children, in the present and in the future.”

Buddsteel Architectural Products Ltd. is proud to partner with Ontario Camping Association to support the camp industry so that it remains a vital, necessary part of youth development.

Recently Elaine Fischer, Project Manager at Buddsteel, had the opportunity to attend the OCA 2014 Annual Convention in Richmond Hill. Below are a few pictures from the convention:



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