Plastic Laminate

With hundreds of colours to choose from, laminate is a very popular selection. Color co-ordination for modern buildings or renovations to older ones is always easy with laminate. Core material can be modified where required (e.g. particle board can be used) an option that is not available in melamine.

• Plastic laminate toilet partitions are suitable for almost any washroom.
• We offer a large colour selection and variable thickness’.
• This material has a durable surface and is easily cleaned and maintained.
• There are certain colours that offer greater graffiti resistance.

Floor Mounted & Overhead Braced – Model 2000

  • Most common design
  • Will work in almost any washroom
  • Available with aluminum or stainless hardware



Ceiling Hung
– Model 2001

  • Easy cleaning as no parts meet the floor
  • Not as strong as the other designs
  • Structural overhead beam is required
  • Available with aluminum or stainless hardware



Floor to Ceiling – Model 2002

  • Offers a clean line look
  • Works for ceilings up to 10’ high
  • Backing must be installed above ceiling
  • Available with aluminum or stainless hardware