The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2014


The Blue Whale is the heaviest and largest animal that has ever existed on Earth, weighing 100 metric tons and stretching a full 30 metres; and yet relies almost exclusively on microscopic Krill for food.

At Buddsteel we understand the delicate balance in nature and once again we are actively supporting The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup!

The Great Canadian Shoreline cleanup mobilizes Canadians to collect debris and garbage from along our river banks, lakes and oceans to help our marine ecosystems survive! Last September 58,000 Canadians grabbed their gumboots and garbage bags, and gave up a Sunday to help out!

This year The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup will take place in communities across Canada on September 21st. In Teeswater cleanup crews will assemble at Buddsteel on Gordon Street at 10 a.m. before heading out along the Teeswater River. Buddsteel would like to remind everyone in the local area that our Teeswater River is important to everyone, so please come out and support The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup! For more information on how you can help in our local cleanup contact Myron McKee at (647)-824-4971 or email at

Food for thought: Last year’s Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup collected 100 metric tons of garbage, which just happens to be the weight of a Blue Whale…

The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup 2014!

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